The Staples ski team hosts Varsity and JV race teams for both boys and girls.  We ski at Mount Southington, near Hartford.

Dryland training will begin at Staples High School in mid-November for all interested skiers.  The team will carry approx. 25 boys and 25 girls.  Tryouts will be held in late December or early January, of course dependent upon snow on the hill!  Each Varsity team consists of 10 skiers, with the remaining 20 on JV.  Athletes may move back and forth between the teams throughout the season based on racing results.

Each member of the team will purchase a CISL High School Racing Season Pass, coordinated through the coaches.

We practice one day a week (usually Mondays – again weather dependent) on the mountain starting in late December and we race one day a week starting in January. We don’t race or practice during exam week or February break. The season ends in the State Championship and a season ending banquet follows.

On Southington days- take your skis to the locked closet in the pool lobby at school between 7-7:15. At the end of the day, the bus will pick the racers up from the pool lobby with all their gear.  The bus will typically return to Staples between 7-8pm.

Sandwiches will be provided on race days. On practice days, please bring a snack for the bus ride home.

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