Ski Team Season Key Captain Parent Responsibilities

Kick-off Meeting

Coaches and captains explain workings of season.Information provided on cost and forms required to participate.Q&A- Early November

Sandwiches for Bus (race days only; not practices):

Confirm sandwich provider and include order forms on website. Upon receipt of all order forms, prepare detailed list by skier for vendor. Arrange for delivery to school by 1:45pm or time confirmed by coaches. See forms.


Girls and Boys Captains separately coordinate what they would like with Athletic Shoe Factory (ASF). ASF creates an order form on their website and all orders and payments are made directly online to ASF. ASF usually only keeps the order forms open for 7-10 days. This process works very efficiently.

Key to success is ensuring the Captains advertise when logowear is available on Facebook pages and putting a notice on the Ski Team website as well.

Dryland training t-shirts

Boys and Girls Captains together should coordinate with ASF and agree one t-shirt (long sleeve) that can be ordered for those who want them.


Getting ski team jackets on a timely basis is always a challenge due to lead times for ordering, timeframe for embroidering, and the fact that final team members are often not confirmed until early January due to late time trials due to lack of snow. The one year that jackets were ordered through ASF, they were ready on a reasonably timely basis due to the fact that ASF does their own embroidering and does it pretty quickly. Highly recommended that Captains meet with the two Coaches in mid-October latest in order to agree a plan for jackets.

Okemo Trip

Coaches coordinate date in mid December and Rebecca collects payment

Pasta Dinners

Organize 2-3 per season. Can be joint or girls and boys separately.


Identify both a boys and girls photographer to ensure sufficient race and candid photos are taken.

Senior Day

Girls organize senior day near end of season. Junior girls are responsible for organizing.

State Open

Bring Ski Team Banner and Cake with Seniors names (other snacks welcome)


Confirm date, venue, menu and pricing; put down deposit.Suggest start time of 6 pm with dinner served at 6:30 (normally lasts about 2 ½ hours)

  • Place invitation on website and team Facebook pages 3+ weeks before banquet (see attachment)
  • Place order form on website 3+ weeks before banquet (see attachment)
  • Deadline for order forms with checks two weeks before banquet
  • Purchase coach’s gifts and captain’s gifts
  • Prepare slide show (do test run day of event)
  • Prepare Banquet Programs & make enough copies at Staples (store) for every attendee (see attachment)
  • Table decorations (centerpieces)

Ski Team Banquet Program 2016

Staples Ski Team Banquet Invite