Athlete Travel Release

Dear Parents of Staples Ski Team Athletes,

I wanted to clarify the policies regarding driving athletes home from races at Southington. In order to drive your athlete home you need to fill out a travel release form and have it signed by administrators at the high school. I have attached the form below. Becca and I are ok with this form applying to more than one date, but it is really important that we have this form signed so that we are covered in terms of liability. If you will be driving an athlete other than your own child, both parents need to have filled out the travel release form and contact the coaches prior to the race.

Once completed please have your athlete get the form signed by Sue Skutnik and an Admin Officer in the principal’s office.

We appreciate all of you who come to the races and cheer on our team and find it so beneficial to our athletes. We also appreciate that after driving all the way to Southington you would want to be able to go home with your child. However, we need to be following the protocols set by Staples athletics so that Becca and I can both continue having a job! Thank you for your support, we look forward to a great season!

Courtney Ruggiero

8th Grade Social Studies

Bedford Middle School

Westport, CT

Staples HS Athlete Travel Release

The form is also available on the Website under Forms

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Updated Calendar

Despite the current temps and the lack of snow on the ground, we do have our official calendar confirmed.  Please see the link below and check back during the season for any updates regarding changed races and upcoming dinners.

ski team calendar

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Ski Team Pasta Dinners

Welcome again to the Staples Ski Team for the 2019 season!

We are hosting Pasta Dinners separately for the Girls Team and the Boys Teams.  Please click on the appropriate link below to view the online sign up sheets:

Girls Pasta Dinner Sign up:

Boys Pasta Dinner Sign Up:

Thanks and Go Wreckers!

Susan Steele


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Welcome to Staples Ski Team

Racers and Parents


Welcome to the Staples Ski Team! We are looking forward to a great season ahead. There are a few things we wanted to share before the season officially gets under way.


  1. Racers and Parents: please subscribe to the Staples Ski Team website for all updates and important information. Practice canceled, race date changed? It will be posted here.
  2. Racers: make sure you check the Staples Boys Ski Team Facebook group frequently for updates.
  3. You can find extra information about our league on the CISL website.
  4. We love to have parents join us on race days, but if you are unable to make it you can go to to check out how we are doing in real time. If you are able to make it, please bring your camera and take LOTS of photos!
  5. Here is the link to the Mt Southington website for directions.
  6. TEAM STRAPS ARE AVAILABLE AT $10 PER PAIR. All proceeds go to ski team activities and perks. Email Michelle Howard ( and she can leave them at her door for easy pick up.  You can venmo payment (@Livy-Howard) or pass along $10 to Charlie Howard.  LANYARDS are also available for $5 from Josh Buckman.
  7. Race dates are currently scheduled for January 10th, 24th and 30th, February 7th and 13th. All races begin at 4:00 and are at Mount Southington
  8. Racers: if you didn’t get us your parent email, please make sure you forward this information on to them.
  9. We will be holding one full team pasta dinner and 2 girls only and 2 boys only dinners.   Girls dinners will be January 9th and February 12th.  Boys dinners will be January 9th and TBC (we are looking for a host – any evening before a race is best).  The whole team dinner will be January 29th. Sign up genius’ to follow as it would be great to get contributions from team.
  10. Banquet:  Please pencil in March 28th at 7pm at Patterson Club.  More details to follow.


Your 2019 Captains

Maddie, Kayla and Erin

Josh, Ryan and Liam

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Staples Ski Team 2018/2019

CONGRATULATIONS to the following racers on making this years team. Please note that the following roster is organized by alphabetical order and does not indicate varsity or junior varsity rank.

BOYS TEAM 2018/2019

Emerson Anvari

Joshua Buckman

Jasper Cahn

Chris Calger

Ethan Dean

Wes DeOreo

Liam Fanning

Marco Fontana

Conor Hanley

William Heisler

Charlie Howard

Charles Hulina

Andrew Keehan

Nathaniel Kolek

Charlie Kremens

Edan Leshem

Alon Leshem

Peter Londoner

August McGee

Konor Nordberg

Graham Reichhelm

Ryan Smith

Charlie Steele

Ryan Stevenson

Dakota Stuart

Callum Wisher

GIRLS TEAM 2018/2019

Ellie Ashman

Katie Ashman

Emerson Bassler

Eliza Bowens

Amanda Braverman

Haley Buckman

Caitlin Germishuys

Izzy Gerrard

Zoe Julien

Isabelle Katz

Sophia Kessler

Elizabeth Kuehndorf

Michelle Levy

Abigail Logan

Olivia Marshall

Erin McWhirter

Lyah Muktavaram

Sophie Mulhern

Savannah Schaefer

Kayla Sirlin

Morgan Skinner

Katherine Smith

Lauren Spheeris

Catherine Sprouls

Maddie Steele


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We will be heading up to Southington on Wednesday for TIME TRIALS!  Here is what you need to know:

Wednesday Morning– the ski locker will be open at 7 am. Please plan to arrive no later than 7:15 to load your things into the closet.  Captains will be there to assist, but you are responsible for bringing your skis and boot bag into the closet. The closet will close at 7:15 so that everyone can get to their first class on time.

Wednesday Afternoon– the buses will depart Staples at 3 pm.  Racers DO NOT have an early dismissal.  The ski closet will be opened at 2:30 and Captains will be there to help unload.  Racers are responsible for loading their equipment on the bus. We expect to be back at Staples around 8 pm. 


For information concerning FIS helmets and what the sticker looks like, see below:

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Just to make sure that we are able to go on Saturday, please fill out the following form so we have an idea of who is riding the bus and who is meeting us at the mountain.


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