Welcome to Staples Ski Team

Racers and Parents


Welcome to the Staples Ski Team! We are looking forward to a great season ahead. There are a few things we wanted to share before the season officially gets under way.


  1. Racers and Parents: please subscribe to the Staples Ski Team website for all updates and important information. Practice canceled, race date changed? It will be posted here.
  2. Racers: make sure you check the Staples Boys Ski Team Facebook group frequently for updates.
  3. You can find extra information about our league on the CISL website.
  4. We love to have parents join us on race days, but if you are unable to make it you can go to http://ussalivetiming.com/ to check out how we are doing in real time. If you are able to make it, please bring your camera and take LOTS of photos!
  5. Here is the link to the Mt Southington website http://mountsouthington.com/ for directions.
  6. TEAM STRAPS ARE AVAILABLE AT $10 PER PAIR. All proceeds go to ski team activities and perks. Email Michelle Howard (mbohoward@aol.com) and she can leave them at her door for easy pick up.  You can venmo payment (@Livy-Howard) or pass along $10 to Charlie Howard.  LANYARDS are also available for $5 from Josh Buckman.
  7. Race dates are currently scheduled for January 10th, 24th and 30th, February 7th and 13th. All races begin at 4:00 and are at Mount Southington
  8. Racers: if you didn’t get us your parent email, please make sure you forward this information on to them.
  9. We will be holding one full team pasta dinner and 2 girls only and 2 boys only dinners.   Girls dinners will be January 9th and February 12th.  Boys dinners will be January 9th and TBC (we are looking for a host – any evening before a race is best).  The whole team dinner will be January 29th. Sign up genius’ to follow as it would be great to get contributions from team.
  10. Banquet:  Please pencil in March 28th at 7pm at Patterson Club.  More details to follow.


Your 2019 Captains

Maddie, Kayla and Erin

Josh, Ryan and Liam

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