Athlete Travel Release

Dear Parents of Staples Ski Team Athletes,

I wanted to clarify the policies regarding driving athletes home from races at Southington. In order to drive your athlete home you need to fill out a travel release form and have it signed by administrators at the high school. I have attached the form below. Becca and I are ok with this form applying to more than one date, but it is really important that we have this form signed so that we are covered in terms of liability. If you will be driving an athlete other than your own child, both parents need to have filled out the travel release form and contact the coaches prior to the race.

Once completed please have your athlete get the form signed by Sue Skutnik and an Admin Officer in the principal’s office.

We appreciate all of you who come to the races and cheer on our team and find it so beneficial to our athletes. We also appreciate that after driving all the way to Southington you would want to be able to go home with your child. However, we need to be following the protocols set by Staples athletics so that Becca and I can both continue having a job! Thank you for your support, we look forward to a great season!

Courtney Ruggiero

8th Grade Social Studies

Bedford Middle School

Westport, CT

Staples HS Athlete Travel Release

The form is also available on the Website under Forms

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