Great Race!

It was a terrific start to the season last night! 

Girls Varsity and JV had a strong opening. They both finished second to Fairfield. 

Boys Varsity and JV took 1st place. The varsity boys edged out Greenwich by .74 seconds and the JV squad crushed Fairfield by 16.42 seconds! 


For those new to HS racing: Our League is divided into two conferences, “S” and “L” this is done according to school enrollment.  Staples is “L”

Each varsity team is composed of ten skiers. Of those ten, six skiers must finish both runs to qualify for any given race.  Additional racers on a team (#’s 11 and up) will be considered J.V. and compete for individual and J.V. team placement. (A minimum of four J.V. racers is necessary to qualify a J.V. team in any race.)

Each skier takes two timed runs on designated course(s) those time are added together for a total time.

The 6 fastest two-run individual times on each varsity team are added to calculate team total time.  Team total time is then compared against their competitor(s) for win or loss.  Teams must race a minimum of five team races to qualify for team championships.

Regular season conference championships are determined by final team records within each conference. For those viewing at mountain or following on live timing: 

Girls V ski Red first, Green second; Girls JV ski Green first, Red second 

Boys V ski Blue first, Yellow second; Boys JV ski Yellow first, Blue second

**Full results can be found under the Race Results tab

**Our pasta dinners have been scheduled. All details are under the Pasta Dinner tab. Please sign up to volunteer to bring an item. We are also looking for a host for our joint dinner on 1/29 and the girl’s dinner on 2/5. Thanks!


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