Roster for States

Roster for States on MONDAY

If you are not able to race for some reason and have been named below, please contact me as soon as possible! Looking forward to a great day on Monday! Remember the WHOLE team has a 12:30 Early Dismissal.


Boys ( running order)

Staples – Boys

Bib Racer
3 Edan Leshem
18 Charlie Steele
33 Charlie Howard
48 Ben Howard
63 Callum Wisher
78 Peter Londoner
93 William Heisler
108 Charles Hulina
123 Emerson Anvari
138 Graham Reichhelm

Girls (running order)

Staples – Girls

Bib Racer
304 Hayley Buckman
318 Emma Nahon
332 Isabelle Gerrard
346 Sophie Mulhern
360 Katherine Smith
374 Isabelle Nahon
388 Maddy Tansley
402 Teagan Church
416 Emmy Bassler
430 Ali Chodash


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