Ski Suits- yep we know you have them

SO, since we were not able to collect your suits before we decided to hunker down in our homes for an extended period of time, we now have to figure out HOW we will be collecting them. That info will be coming as soon as we know what the recommendation will be. In the meantime, Mrs. Skutnik will be issuing accountabilities just so we have a count of how many suits are out. DON”T WORRY, you will still have access to Powerschool and your grades.

Additionally, I am planning on setting up a Google Meet for the team at some point next week so we can discuss captains and get voting on next year’s leaders.

Stay tuned for more info to come,
Becca and Tom


PS- Maybe you can show some of your “team spirit” by letting us know what a ski suit is useful for during a pandemic??? Just an idea…. but of course make sure it is school appropriate. 

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