Update for 2020/2021 Season

Hi everyone!
I have been seeing your text messages and your emails, so I wanted to fill you in on what we know so far regarding the season.

2020/2021 Season

The CISL is currently trying to figure out how best to safely have the season this year. The board is discussing with Southington issues related how our season is impacted by Covid- primarily the lodge and possibly the number or racers on each team. As of now, CISL has not made any decisions but as soon as I hear, I will let everyone know.


Captains will not be named until we have confirmation on the number of racers the league is allowing per team this year.


We are hoping to have all of these and more questions answered by the time we hold our informational meeting. Right now we would like to plan for the first week of November to hold our meeting, however that could change based upon any changes to the athletic calendars.


Most importantly, PLEASE REGISTER on the Staples Athletic Website. We will be using the number of racers interested to help guide us in our decisions for the season.

Stay safe and wear a mask!

Becca and Tom

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