Time Trials TODAY 1/20

We are moving ahead with having time trials this afternoon, Wednesday January 20th. There is a bit of info that I need to share with everyone given the Covid protocols.

As of this post, I have some racers who have let me know that they will need to ride the bus. Those racers have been given an assigned seat and will be receiving an email with their seat number.

If you said you would not need the bus today, you have been sent a travel release form that will need to be emailed back to me by noon today.

Those who answered maybe, please let me know if you will be getting a ride to Southington today or not ASAP.

Locker drop off 7:45am You will need to place your gear into the locker yourself. DO NOT leave your things in the lobby.

BUS load in will start at 2:30 with the bus leaving at 2:45. We are expecting to be at Southington at 3:45 with time trials starting at 4 pm. Practice/trials will run till 5:30.

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