Race Order for tonight

Here is the lineup for tonight based upon completion of required forms. Captains have sent multiple messages to those who have not completed forms.

303Katherine Smith
315Isabelle Gerrard
327Sophie Mulhern
339Ali Chodash
351Elizabeth Kuehndorf
362Teagan Church
373Abiagail Logan
384Olivia Marshall
395Lila Botur
406Sophia Kessler

Staples – Boys

3William Heisler
16Charlie Howard
29Dakota Stuart
42Graham Reichhelm
55Andrew Keehan
67Oliver Howard
79Wes DeOreo
91Ryan Stevenson
103Jet Tober
115Jasper Cahn
127Logan Manchester
137Miles Cahn
147Vilgot Tretow
155Nicholas Ramsay
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