STATE RACE and end of season matters

What a SEASON!!! It is with great joy that we can post that the Girls AND the Boys have qualified for the STATE race on Monday!! The league announced the teams this morning based on overall season results. Racers will be notified by Thursday evening if they are being included in the State Race lineup. There will be a Livestream as well for the race, so please be sure to tune in and cheer the team on.

Season dues for each racer will be $625 this year. Checks can be dropped off outside Becca’s classroom (3061) or at the front desk in the white plastic bin.

As soon as we have a date and more information about the end of season banquet, we will post it here. The current plan is to hold it in May or June so that we can include last year’s seniors as well.

This season has been one for the record books for sure!

Becca and Tom

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