Race #1 January 12, 2022

Line up

Varsity Roster is the first 10 bib numbers assigned. JV Roster follows. Racers will compete on the same two courses regardless of Varsity or JV status.

Staples – Boys

4Campbell Gerrard
18Witt Lindau
32William Heisler
46Charlie Howard
60Andrew Keehan
74Jet Tober
88Jasper Cahn
101Ryan Stevenson
112Henry Manning
123James Hillhouse
133Oliver Howard
143Benjamin Zwick
152Logan Manchester
161Jake Coykendall
170Krishna Reddy
179Max Manchester
187Max Beres
194Bennett Lindau
201Jackson Benner
208Hugo Jacques
214Jack Whittle

Staples – Girls

304Katherine Smith
317Alannah Morris
330Isabelle Nahon
342Maddy Tansley
354Maddie Stevenson
366Olivia Marshall
378Emmy Marcus
390Allison Gillman
400Alice Fielding
410Elizabeth Kuehndorf
420Alexis Krenzer
430Rachel Olefson
439Abiagail Logan
447Sophia Kessler
454Sydney Feldman
460Alexis Malon
466Evelyn Anvari
471Sarah Himes
476Charlotte Berner
480Madeline Tucker
484Ruby Siegel
488Tiffany Aldana
490Emmah Tait
492Isabel Puchert
494Athina Sarmiento
496Molly Whittle
498Cecelia Vita
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