2023 Ski Team Banquet 🎿

The Norwalk Inn was full of smiles last night as we said farewell to the 2023 season. The senior Captains’ speeches summed up what a unique and special experience Ski Team is & thank goodness Tom isn’t leaving 😆! There are many to congratulate & thank.

Congratulations to Isabelle Nahon who is the second recipient of the, Corey Hausman AwardPresented annually to the senior alpine racer who best epitomizes Corey’s special spirit with a love for skiing, the desire to improve, a willingness to work and the ability to inspire others.

Congratulations to our Scholar Athlete Award Winners: Emma Nahon & Jet Tober

Congratulations to our BLOCK S Coach Award Winners: Isabelle Nahon & Logan Manchester

Congratulations to our BLOCK S MVP Award Winners: Alannah Morris & Ben Zwick

Congratulations to the 2024 Captains: Sydney Feldman, Alannah Morris, Maddie Stevenson, Jake Coykendall, Oliver Howard & Logan Manchester

To our 2023 SENIOR CLASS. You will be missed! Congratulations and Good Luck to you All! Evelyn Anvari, Allie Gillman, Emma Nahon, Isabelle Nahon, Maddy Tansley, Jackson Benner, Campbell Gerrard, Matthew Goodman, James Hillhouse, CJ Johnson, Witt Lindau, Nicholas Ramsay, Krishna Reddy and Jet Tober

Thank you to Coach Becca, Coach Andrew & Coach Tom for all you do and special thanks to the Captains’ Parents for a terrific banquet.

…until next season

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