Okemo just got over 2 feet of snow so they have the best early season conditions!  Our ski team is scheduled for December 8. Keeping fingers crossed that our trip won’t be canceled due to snow in our area.

DETAILS: Cost for trip- as always there are a few different options:

$165 if you are riding up with us both ways and need a lift pass

$110 if you just need a ride back and forth from Okemo

$65 if you just need the lift 

$60 if you just need a lift one way

In order for the trip to run, we need 25 skiers to commit to the trip. Money will be due on Wednesday. 

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Staples Ski Straps for Sale

Ben and Charlie Howard have a few Ski Straps for sale at $10/pair!  For anyone that has had to lug skis around Southington, you know what a blessing a pair of straps are!  And you can fly Staples colors with pride.           

And Josh Buckman has Staples Ski Team lanyards available for $5 each!

Please reach out to Ben, Charlie or Josh to get hold of these goodies and support Staples Skiing!

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Parent Racer Kickoff Meeting

Hi Everyone!

A Reminder that our kickoff meeting will take place on November 14th at 7pm in the Staples Cafeteria for parents and athletes.  This will be an opportunity to hear from Becca and Courtney and the Boy’s/Girl’s Team Captains about the season

Please print out the forms from the Website but we will have extras printed.

Also please bring check books!

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Parent Racer Information Meeting

Hi everyone!

As the temperatures have started to dip and the mountains up north have received their first few inches of snow, it’s that time again to meet to discuss the season.

Our Parent/Racer Information meeting will take place on November 14th at 7 pm in the Staples Cafeteria.

Looking forward to another wonderful season and seeing you all there!

Becca & Courtney

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2018 Mandatory Helmet Rule

In 2018/9 the CISL will require all racers to wear helmets that meet the USSA and FIS helmet regulations. With this in mind, we wanted to alert everyone who may be purchasing a new helmet this season. If you have any questions, please refer to the link at the bottom of the League’s announcement.

From the CISL Website:

UPDATED – all racers will be required to wear helmets with full/hard ear covers.  Racers who do not have a helmet that meets this criteria will not be allowed to race.

We are aware of the changes in helmet regulations that USSA has implemented.  Currently our rules read as follows, “Helmets, designed and approved for ski racing, must be worn by all racers at all times while skiing in any and all CISL GS races.  Helmets or approved slalom specific face protection MUST be worn in all SL races”.

Beginning with the 2017-2018 season the CISL will require all racers to wear helmets that meet the following criteria:


Thank you

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2017-2018 Team announced

We were lucky enough to hold time trials tonight and we wanted to thank everyone for all of their hard effort and work at the start of this season.  Our rosters have been posted under “roster” on the site.

For those who have made the team, please plan on meeting tomorrow at 3 to receive your team GS suits.  For those who have made the team and would like to order a team jacket, please contact Becca tomorrow morning as she will let you know what sizes we have and the cost.

Thanks and looking forward to a great season,

Courtney and Becca

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