Week of Jan 3-6th, 2023

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great break and are ready to kick off the season on snow. Unfortunately, weather-wise things are not looking promising this week.  This week is looking soggy and Southington has already announced that they will be closed 1/3.  The hope is that we will be able to have a practice day on Wednesday 1/4 and possibly hold time trials on Thursday 1/5- but that will be dependent upon how things go in the next 48 hours.

So here is the plan (as of this post)- be sure to check back, check the Google Classroom and contact the captains if you have any questions.

Tuesday- no conditioning, but please start getting ready for your exams. Bring in your check for practice which will hopefully be held on Wednesday.

Wednesday– as of Sunday night we are planning on holding a practice night at Southington. However, they may be closed due to the warm weather and anticipated rain.  If we do have practice, we will be leaving school at 3:15.

Thursday– Thursday will be our backup practice day if we cannot practice on Wednesday.  If we practice Wednesday, and Southington is open, Thursday will be Time Trials.

Friday- day off

IF we do NOT have Time Trials this week, Time Trials will be held on MONDAY January 9th

Please bring in a check made out to Staples High School for $45 with Ski Team- practice night noted in the memo. Checks will be collected in the envelope in Room 3061 and are due by noon 1/4.

Keeping fingers crossed for some colder temps,

Becca, Andrew and Tom

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