Hi everyone! We will be able to have a practice day tomorrow, Thursday 1/5!!!

So Thursday 1/4-  will be a practice night at Southington

Our ski locker is located in the field house near the pool lobby entrance. Please arrive at 7:35 as we will load skis and bags into the closet. The locker closes at 7:50 so that everyone (including me) can get to class on time.

We will be leaving school at 3:15. I am double-checking who turned in checks by noon today. So please check your school email for confirmation that you have a seat for tomorrow.  If I did not receive a check from you today in the envelope outside room 3061 (and you have not alerted me as to why) you may not be able to practice tomorrow as we have a limited number of seats due to transportation issues.

Friday- day off

Time Trials will be held on MONDAY January 9th

Please bring in a check made out to Staples High School for $45 with Ski Team- time trials noted in the memo. Checks will be collected in the envelope in Room 3061 and are due by noon 1/6.

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