2023 Staples Ski Team Roster

After a not-so-ideal start for our season, we were able to have time trials last night. Andrew, Tom and I are happy to announce the members of this year’s team:

GIRLS: Evelyn Anvari, Charlotte Berner, Sidney Blasco, Isabelle Cornette, Sydney Feldman, Allison Gillman, Isla Goldberg, Piper Grove, Sarah Himes, Abigail Kane, Kali Knesich, Alexis Krenzer, Ella Manchester, Katherine Matviyenko, Alannah Morris, Emmah Nahon, Isabelle Nahon, Rachel Olefson, Isabel Puchert, Alexis Robinson, Athina Sarmiento, Ruby Siegel, Bianka Solowinski, Maddie Stevenson, Maddy Tansley, Madeline Tucker,

BOYS: Nate Armstrong, Jackson Benner, Max Beres, Nate Bernstein, Miles Cahn, Chase Cammeyer, Rian Connolly, Jake Coykendall, Campbell Gerrard, Zachary Gillman, Matthew Goodman, James Hillhouse, Oliver Howard, CJ Johnson, Bennet Lindau,Witt Lindau, Maxwell Manchester, Henry Manning, Cillian Morris, Zachary Newshel, Tucker Peters, Nicholas Ramsay, Krishna Reddy, Jet Tober, Benjamin Zwick.

And our TEAM MANAGER (until he is able to be cleared to race) Logan Manchester

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